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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Use Case And Use Case Testing Examples Tutorial

Overview of Use Case Testing
Use case is the basic and important tool which is required to define the user interaction with the application under development or any new application. While developing a new module or application  or you want to modify the existing application software with the new module then we need a use case concept. In this situation when the software is under development then various discussions and meetings are conducted in order to define the software requirements. The critical part of this process is how you will define the exact user requirement for the application. All stakeholders, developers and experts should keep mutual understanding about the software requirement and user stories.

Definition of Use Case Testing
Use Case testing is the process of defining the actions how the application will be used by the user or actor step by step, its very common method. The steps are defined based on the actions taken by the users to interact with the software, it is a step by step process how the software will be used and multiple cases are created in order to test the application. It is a widely used method in software development. Use Case Testing is an application testing technique used to help and recognize to develop test cases that covers the complete application and modules, its a step by step method of transaction that interacts with the softwares. Multiple interactions are conducted with applications by users until we get the desired results from the application. It is the theory of testing to help identify the gaps between modules of softwares.

Who Conducts Use Case Testing:
Use Case testing is conducted by qualified professionals having prior valuable experience in software testing. Only an experienced professional can take necessary actions to understand the applications and create test cases. A tester is qualified engineers having a years of experience of testing various applications. It may be Manual Testing or Automation Testing, we will discuss in later chapters. He creates various test cases and uses cases of the respective modules, we will study in details in coming articles don't miss this. 

Feature of Use Case Testing:
Below are some of the important features of use case testing used for testing the application software project and offers good understanding and better response.
  • Use case testing has nothing to do with the software quality and quality assurance of the application, its the method of how the application will be used and interaction between user and softwares.
  • It is a limited testing up to module, it doesn't cover entire application, each module has its own use case testing. Every module has its own importance and separate use case testing method.
  • Every Use Case has a user/actor and the application software. Its a theory how user interacts with the application. These cases are used to find the bugs and gap in softwares.

Benefits of Use Case Testing:
How use case testing is beneficial in software development and how a developer can take advantage of the software as an actor, given below:
  • Use case defines how the software will be used. It is the theory of step by step conducted by the actor or user. Using these steps user interacts with the application and see how the system response. It should response with expected results.
  • It is the best method to find the Gap between steps, so that software should run in right flow. It should not have any gap. So it helps us to identify the gap and help developer to make application and user friendly.
  • Use case plays an important role in compturing the functional requirements of the application.
  • Use case testing is conducted before user acceptance, it is done by the testing professionals.
Examples of Use Case Testing
Every now and then we see Use Case in every where in our day to day life.  Here we will try to understand the Use Case testing with some live examples, how we can take advantage from this. How a step by step approach helps us to develop an error free softwares.

1. Example : Withdrawing Money From ATM Use Case
It is the most common scenario when a customer visit to near by ATM to withdraw money from ATM. This step by step approach is given below.
  1. User puts the ATM card in the machine.
  2. Enter its PIN to authenticate the user identity.
  3. if PIN is right then allow the user to withdrawal the money from ATM machine. If PIN is wrong then ask the user to try with accurate PIN.
  4. User enter the right PIN and do some operations like withdraw money, change pin request, check balance and others.
  5. When transactions are done then sign out.
2. Example : Uses Case For Login User Form
It is very common concept of every website or software when a user sign up and sign in back in every application. Without users website is nothing, there is no scope of the application when there is no user on the website. In this Use Case following points are covered step by step find the gap and fix it before the application is launched. A login form is a basic and most important from in website. Here below are the steps of use case:
  1. User opens the form by clicking on the given link or opening the given URL, Actor or user may sign up or sign in as per the need, both are the important step, here user click on the login button and go to login screens.
  2. Enters valid credentials like user and passwords and press Login button.
  3. System authenticate user with given user name and password, if the credentials are ok then it allows the user to sign in or generates warning.
  4. Now User is logs in the website and orders some products, pay the amount and logs out.
3. Example : Uses Case Testing For Newsletter Sign Up
Now comes at another very interesting and most common module of every website and blog. While surfing internet and traversing various websites and blog you have seen a newsletter sign up text box where user inputs email id for receiving monthly or weekly newsletter. Below basics steps taken by user when sign up for news letter:
  1. User visits any webpage and sees a textbox to enter email for newsletter sign up.
  2. User enters his email id and system validates it for proper syntax.
  3. If syntax is ok then it allows to sign up if wrong it asks user to enter right email id.
  4. User enter email id and press enter.
  5. System checks the entire process and accepts the email id as news letter.


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