Saturday, October 24, 2020

Software Testing Top Interview Questions

Its very common situation when you are asked to reply question asked while attending Software Testing Interviews. Following are few common questions that every tester should now before attending any interview, list includes basic, intermediate and advanced questions.

1. Define the Methods of Software Testing in detailed

There are mainly three types of testing methods used in software testing, these are given below
a) Black Box Testing
b) White Box Testing
c) Grey Box Testing

Black Box Testing: This method is used to test applications based exclusively on requirements and software specifications in each software. In these methods we test applications or modules without covering internal structure code, path and other functions implementations.

White Box Testing: Contrary to Black Box Testing this testing method uses internal paths, structures, code of the applications available for test. It needs extensive details of programming language and skills. An experienced programmer or test can conduct this

Gray Box Testing: In this strategy, a tester does not need extensive details of internal details of the program, can be done by novice professionals or called beginners.

2. Explain the level of the software testing.
There are mainly four testing levels used in software testing these are as follows:

Unit Testing : When it comes to check individual components or units of any applications or software are tested by tester it is called Unit Testing. The motive of this testing is to confirm that all parts and code of each unit or module is working perfectly and producing expected results. Unit testing is conducted by the programmer or developer during the course of development.

Integration Testing: It refers to the strategy where each unit or module is combined together and integrated into one single unit called module, it is done after Unit Testing. The main purpose of this is to test the entire application after integration of every unit. It is the broader method of Unit Testing.

System Testing: This strategy is followed to evaluate the entire system for given requirements, means the entire system is checked to see whether the system is developed according to the given specification or requirement. All functionalities are validated and checked properly that they are functioning properly and producing expected results.

User Acceptance Testing: is conducted just to ensure that all requirements and specifications are covered under the development or not, application is ready for delivery to the intended company or customer for acceptance. A dedicated team checks the entire system compliance with the business requirement, software is verified against all given specifications, so that at the acceptance level it should be approved by the company or

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